What Is Affiliate Marketing – Explained In 3 Steps
What Is Affiliate Marketing - Explained In 3 Steps

What Is Affiliate Marketing – Explained In 3 Steps

If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, the concept is pretty simple:

  1. Promote products/services on your blog/website.
  2. Connect products and add special links to your page.
  3. Your website visitors click on the links placed on your page (or make a conversion of the product link clicked on), you get a percentage of the profits from the advertised product.

In other words, affiliate marketing is a lot like commissioned sales. The difference is you’re driving traffic and leads to the merchant/advertiser’s website through your page.

It’s a straightforward model, requiring little technical knowledge with a quick and easy sign up process to get you started. 

Strategically and creatively, there are some considerations to be made which would sit in your hands to decide how you want to manage it. 

Let us dive deeper: 

1. How do you find the products/services to promote on your blog/website?

For a seamless management, affiliate platforms let you as a publisher connect with advertisers who host a catalogue of products, you can decide on which you want to advertise. Everyone chooses a different approach, depending on niche, goals and target audience you decide which products to advertise. The beauty of it all is, you have the freedom to test, optimise and advertise as many or little products you wish which allows you to be the decider of how much you want to push to earn from affiliate marketing. 

2. How do you connect the products and add special links on your page to advertise?

Using an affiliate marketing platform you as the publisher would navigate to the product catalogue, within the product there should be steps and information, even links to help you set up the product on your page. It should usually consist of a few simple steps. 

3. How does the commission model and earning work?

Once the first two steps above are completed, ‘sign up’ and ‘set up’, you are ready to start earning. The typical model is the CPA model – cost per action. In detail this means for each sale/conversion your visitor has made on the link you hosted/advertised, you earn a commission. The advertiser gives you a CPA earning. The earning can differ from product to product, so this is something you can also take into consideration when choosing which to advertise. When choosing the product through the catalogue, it is recommended to keep seasonal trends into considerations, as this can have an impact on the sales you would potentially be making. 

It is not at all very complicated, right? Ready to start and want to learn first hand how affiliate marketing can help you scale and increase your revenue – click here to sign up.

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