The Agile Consumer Trends and Needs 2/2: a lookahead at the H2 of 2021, also known to be the busiest time for e-commerce

The Agile Consumer Trends and Needs 2/2: a lookahead at the H2 of 2021, also known to be the busiest time for e-commerce

As we outlined and recapped in part of 1 of this 2 series blog, 2020 was a transformative and adjusting period. With different resources and strategies, this means some businesses are now more prepared than others for the sales boom that is ahead of us as we are slowly nearing the Christmas and popular e-commerce Black Friday and Cyber Weekend period. 

There are many areas to keep track of and stay ahead of. 

4.28trn consumers are expecting the below from retailers to be provided as part of their online purchase journey, based on user surveys and proven for these to be:


  • Payment options

  • Delivery speed

  • Delivery charges

  • Quick and easy checkout

  • Getting the right product served 

  • A correct targeting with a multiple touch point

*sources for figures above are pulled from Statista.


New markets and growing demand 

Are you keeping up?


New technologies, new platforms, new audiences, new trends, new markets… still with me, or are you starting to feel that sweat drop from your forehead slowly building up?

There is a lot to keep up with!


This is where businesses have seen the value in Affiliate Marketing and signed up as advertisers to present their brand and offers to a wider audience through a performance affiliate marketing. Connecting with publishers around the world gives you as a brand and business to take a step back and focus on the operational parts of your business, which is the key part in converting a customer into a loyal long term relationship or one time business purchase and a lost lead. 


When you as a business approach the final quarter of the year, the period where most brands make their highest sales and revenue figures, there will also be an added level and increased competition, bids get more aggressive, strategies get more targeted, and dominating brands with an advantage in budget can snap up the first positions in the native and dominating platforms. 

With affiliate marketing you have an advantage by increasing your presence and opportunity to retarget audiences, build relationships in a period where brands are fighting for positions. Consumer surveys have proven again and again that purchase behaviour happens through repeated and personalised engagement. 

Some key stats highlighting the need to keeping your R&D and offerings in ux and engagement agile and up to date, as we have all established past trends are no indicator for future performance.  

Don’t let your business fade in the background – connect with our high volume publishers and have you brand seen by your future customer. 

If you would like to Learn More about becoming a publisher or an advertiser with the Limitl3ss Network, click buttons as relevant below. 

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