The Agile Consumer Trends and Needs 1/2: What was, a lookback at 2020

The Agile Consumer Trends and Needs 1/2: What was, a lookback at 2020

We have been overwhelmed with data of what trends have looked like during the pandemic, what have the e-commerce trends been for 2020, what changed and shifted.
We have educated ourselves in understanding and adapting to match behaviour shifts across the industry, and realised how as a business we need more than ever to be agile.  

So let us recap, what actually happened?

U.S. ecommerce grew 32% in 2020 to reach $790 billion—that’s up from $598 billion in 2019! Ecommerce also represented 14% of total retail spending in 2020. Again, for comparison, it only represented 11.3% in 2019.


Massive increase on online market place with even brands including even the global ecommerce leader Amazon struggling to keep up with demands and fulfillment.  

Bottom line there was a huge spike in online content and brands.

But where and how did the above affect all the digital commerce channels and how quick were businesses able to scale and adapt, what new integrations became necessary and important?? 

Click on Image to expand for consumer and content engagement stats:

Social media is an area that is always innovating and changing quickly. In 2019, 3.3% of the youngest group took their fashion inspiration from rising platform TikTok, compared with 34.2% in 2020. For the 25-to-34s, TikTok use grew from 3.6% in 2019 to 19% in 2020.

For those aged 18 to 24, TikTok use appears to have grown at the slight expense of Facebook and Instagram use, although Instagram is still by far the most used network for fashion inspiration.

TikTok’s global user figures reflect this growth; in January 2018, it had 55 million global monthly users, which had grown to 700 million by July 2020.

Meanwhile, as you can see from the age reference graph, the 25-to-34 group is much more likely to use Facebook than the youngest group of 18-to-24-year-olds. 

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